Should I Refinance?

Everyone sees the advertisements.  Lower your mortgage payments, lower your interest rate, pay off debts, consolidate loans, get cash-out of your home and into your pocket, and so on.  While these are all very realistic possibilities when it comes to refinancing, don’t get cornered into a loan program that isn’t right for you.  You need an expert that understands all of your options and can guide you to your best possible outcome, not a mortgage broker that simply wants to close your loan and get paid, without putting the necessary time and work in to make sure your future is protected.

How can I lower my monthly payment?

We are educated in every residential loan program there is.  Whether you have an FHA, Conventional, VA or USDA mortgage, you likely have options to lower your mortgage payment.  Many homeowners don’t realize they may be able to remove their mortgage insurance or lower their interest rate, saving up to hundreds of thousands over the life of the loan.  This is money that could stay in your pocket instead of losing it to inferior mortgage terms.  Ask us today about your options.

I have too much debt. How can a refinance help me?

Mortgages have low interest rates when compared to many car, student or personal loans.  Instead of paying multiple debts out of your pocket each month, why not pay off these debts and combine them with your mortgage?  Our clients have saved thousands per month when consolidating their debts into their mortgage because you are able to eliminate your big monthly obligations, while only increasing your mortgage payment a small amount per month.

VA Loan Programs (Veteran Refinancing)

Veterans can refinance up to 100% value of their home.  This is an extremely unique situation made only available to our veterans of the armed forces.  VA refinances can allow homeowners to take advantage of an improved market, lower their interest rates and payments, while not having any equity requirements to do so.  This is a HUGE opportunity that no other loan program can provide.

Cash-Out Refinancing can put money in your pocket.

If you have equity in your home (or if you’re a veteran!) you may be able to refinance to put funds directly in your pocket.  Cash-out on your home to fund your next big renovation or family purchase, pay off debts or personal loans, or even to pay for college or student loans.  Ask us how today.

Renovation & Construction (FHA 203k & Conventional Homestyle)

Need a new septic?  Central air needs to be replaced?  Does your kitchen need a new stove, refrigerator, or maybe tile flooring?   Whether it’s fixing a major utility, updating or remodeling a kitchen, heating/furnace, etc.. renovation loans allow you to finance the work into your mortgage and close before that work even begins!  The best part is that all costs to repair (labor, materials, permits, inspections, etc) are financed into your home mortgage.  Close on homes that you could never purchase before without being a contractor or having a construction background.  Primary Residences & Investment Properties both!  Great opportunity for a homeowner looking to improve their investment and quality of life but don’t have the capital or expertise to complete the handy work.

Move Forward.